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blooming dots

With the global spread of COVID -19, our communication is shifting to the online space more to avoid physical contacts. The flat bodies gather on the screen for communication. Based on this current situation, I am thinking about <high ​​sympathy> body images, in other words, “how to create <high ​​resolution> body image and how to share it with others”.

Under these backgrounds, this performance is held in online with anonymous people under the guides of the author.

In the beginning, the participant tries to re-capture own body through the display of the smartphone, and peels off a part of own empirically established own body image to create distance. Then exchange part of your alienated body for that part of other anonymous body and explore in both directions how we can snuggle up to someone else's body.

Even if it is impossible to increase the resolution of our shared body image to a satisfactory dimension, we try to increase the resolution of images of ourselves and others, and try to snuggle up to things that are unknown at a distance. I guess these attitudes are one of the most important things right now.

In this work, in the hope that such an attempt will make the small pixels of the image of the human body blooming and smell something beyond itself, I named it "blooming dots".

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