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One of the beginnings of dance, or performance, is in the funeral. That was the first time a monkey placed flowers on a corpse and became "flower people", that is, became people. The ritual is a performance to calm the unavoidable emotions caused by death. Rituals that calm the intangible emotions are also now going online. Let's assume that emotions exist first in space. Loneliness, comfort, anxiety and other human emotions do not arise from oneself. But something strikes and our consciousness dissipates and drifts, becoming mixed with the scent of emotions floating in space and then sucked into the body. You will feel it. If the last view of the city provokes our emotions, the digitized funeral, on the contrary, seems to be a virtual performance to cleanse the inevitable emotions of someone's loss. In the performance of incense sticks that were burned as a meal for the dead in the funeral, losing their physical form and becoming vapor, I saw something fractal there. Observe something the fruits (lemon) express after contacting and bursting and volatilizing. And think it as something for a motion. By a movement from the exploded scent, I would like to find a human body in the between dead body and living body.

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